May Bank Holiday Craft Fair & Exhibition Success

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For the May Bank Holiday weekend Bella Projects opened their doors and held a pop up art exhibition and craft fair. The participants from both the ‘Arts & Crafts For All’ and ‘Recycled Teenagers’ groups had been hard at work in the weeks leading up to the event making all kinds of crafty products to sell.

The stalls were run by volunteers from both groups which worked well as it incorporated two often forgotten about social groups into the community. The elderly participants from the ‘recycled Teenagers’ had a wonderful time chatting and socialising with both their participant friends and interacting with members of the public. They explained what the group was about and how it was set up to combat loneliness and isolation.

The learning-disabled participants also got involved with running the tombola stall and helping to sell the crafts. They were involved in money handling, numeracy and speaking to the public. It was a great confidence boost for them to sell the products that they had made themselves to members of the public.

The response from the public was overwhelming with lots of them giving their support for the cause. Events like these highlight why it is so important to break down barriers and social constructs to form an integrated society where everyone has a place to be happy and thrive.



None of this would have been possible without the support and funding from the Big Lottery. So a massive thank you goes out to them.


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